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Your Home away from Home.. A High Quality Homestay in the Boston area

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Testimonials from our students:

 Dear Nok & John, Thank you so much for receiving me and making me feel at home. You made my stay in Boston more pleasant and happy. I'm fascinated with this city. I had a wonderful time here that I will never forget. I'm going to miss the meals mom cooked and dad's music. I thank you for sharing your time with me and God's willing, somedays I will return to Boston with my family." ......... Gabriella : Chile ....... October 14 ~ November 10, 2017
 "Dear Mom & Dad, I don't know how to explain how sad I am. I always appreciate mom & dad. I really felt you're my real mom and dad because you were nice and made me feel comfortable. I've learned a lot from you. Thank you for giving me lots of love." ...... Jiseon Yu : South Korea ... September 2016 ~ March 18, 2017 
 "Dear Mom & Dad, Thank you for hosting me for 2 weeks. I spent just 2 weeks with you and Jiseon but this stay is memorable for me. I watched many movies with mom & dad and discussed various topics ....
Everything was so fascinating and exciting except weather ... LOL .... I'd like to come back to Boston and come back to this home again when I am a university student. Thank you for giving me a of of experiences. Thank you for 2 amazing weeks." ...... Shoko : Japan .... March 6 ~ 19 , 2017
  "Thank you very much for everything you've done for me during 2 months! I had the best 2 months in Boston. I love mom's cooking (I really like to eat dinner at home, not with my friends in restaurant) and I love dad's talking and bright character. I'm so lucky to be here and spent time with you two and of course Jiseon :) . I felt like I have two real families in Japan and in Boston. I always felt comfortable when I spent time in your house." .... Kana : Japan ..... January 6 ~ March 5, 2017
 "Dear Dad & Mom, I'm so happy I had a chance playing piano with Dad although I couldn't play well but I enjoyed it very much. I love mom's dishes, cookies, chickens, brownies and so on .... I will never forget the taste of mom's dishes. I want to come back again certainly and by all means in Summer. I love this home!!! Thank you so much!" ...... Makiko : Japan ..... February 2017 
 "Dear Mom & Dad, Thank you very much for everything! I won't forget your kindness and warmth in Boston. I think this wonderful homestay will be my very first step to think about my future. I really loved mom's dishes you made for us and I surely would like to be back to Boston to have the delicious dishes and sing and dance together. I'm very happy to be one of the members of Stasio family! Again, I would like to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!" ..... Mako : Japan .... February 2017 
  " Dear Dad & Mom, Thank you  for everything you've done for me. It's hard to say goodbye. I learned a lot of things through spending time with you. I learned the importance of learning from many people and experiences and have a broader view."  Mahiro : Japan ...... December 2016
 " Dear Mom, I love your cooking. I was always looking forward to breakfast and dinner. I wanted to make a meal with mom. Dad, your bright and cheerful character made me happy. I will never forget your words "Don't be shy" I was so happy to be able to do Christmas decorations with you. Although it was cold I thought that  was lucky to come here in winter. It's really hard for me to say goodbye. I'll never forget you. I would like to come back here. I'll study English hard to become English teacher. Thank you so much! I love you. See you again!" ..... Rio : Japan ..... December 04 ~ 10, 2016
  "Dear Mom & Dad, Thank you for doing all the things while I was here. I can't speak English well but I had a very good time. Dad's smile and singing are so nice. Mom's cooking is very tasty. I love them all. The time I spent with Dad, Mom and Jiseon became an irreplaceable time. I will not forget this experience. I'm learning more English from now. I would like to come back to Boston again. See you soon! I love you!" ...... Suzuna : Japan ..... December 04 ~ 10, 2016 
 "Dear Nok, Dear John, Thank you very much for the nice time during my stay in your house! I was staying here only for two weeks but it was so great! You both are so kind and open to me. Thank you  for your time for the talks and for the great trip to the fair in Topsfield. I really enjoyed it!" ....... Susanne : Germany .... October 2016 
 "John & Nok, Thank you for all the things you gave to me, it's one of the best present I have had in my life. Thanks for your welcome, for sharing your life and for taking care of me, I always felt at home and really you become my family. I have learned a lot in this amazing 3 weeks." ....... Montse : Andorra .... October 2016 
  "To Mom & Dad, Although I was here for only 3 months but I felt like I have been here 3 years, I felt so comfortable with you. Here, I didn't just improve my English but also I learnt a lot about life, love, food and so many things." ..... Paty Bang : Brazil ...... June ~ September, 2016
  "Dear Mom & Dad, I had really great time with you. It was too fast to pass three weeks, I was so happy everyday! Every morning Dad said to me "Good morning" brightly, so I felt to be energetic. In addition, I love mom's cooks. I enjoyed dinner so much. I appreciate all you did. Please let me know if you come to Japan. Sincerely." ...... Mino : Japan ... September 2, 2016
  "Mom & Dad, I can't believe that it's already the time for me to leave. I wanted to thank you for everything. This was such a pleasure to meet you two! You're like family to me now Please come to France, visit me in Strosbourg. Lots of Love." ..... Albane : France ...... August, 2016

"Mom & Dad, Thank you for these two months that I spent here. I appreciate all you have done for making me feel safe, protected and loved as a real daughter. You're such great parents and people and have a lovely family. I will absolutely miss you. LOVE ." ... Marilia Carpi : Brazil ...... December 15, 2013 ~ February 8, 2014 


"I've been living here for 4 months, however I have done a lot of activities such as celebrating Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas with my lovely family. Everything was awesome and I'm pretty sure that it will be one of my unforgettable memories. If I had an opportunity to come back to Boston or Winthrop, I would love to live here. I will never forget these moments and will never forget. Thank you for being nice to me and giving delicious food." ... Hyesun Choi : South Korea ..... September 1 ~ December 28, 2013 


"I've lived in our sweet home about one year. How time flies.... I'm grateful that everyone loved me and took care of me. We have been thru four seasons, numerous holidays and plenty of time. I will cherish those great memories." .... Yanan Li : China .... 2012 ~2013 


"I'm Sunny!! I'm so happy that I can have the chance to know you and live with you. You provided a real warm home which has dad, mom and many sisters to me. Thank you for teaching me so much and let me know more about society. Thank you for helping me so much in my daily life so I can study better. Thank you for giving me such a shining name. I miss dad's dinner lecture and mom's fabulous dessert so I want to say MOM & DAD, I LOVE YOU!!!"  China ... January 5 ~ May 16, 2013


"Dear Host Family, Thank you for this four weeks here for your hospitality and for treating me so well. You are very kind and nice people. I will never forget you. Maybe in the future we can meet in Spain or maybe I will come back here. But I hope that it isn't the last time to see you. If I come back to Boston I promise that I will come to see you. I love Winthrop beach." ... Elena : Spain ... June 30 ~ July 27, 2013 


"Dad & Mom, Thanks for everything. You are great people and we will never forget our time with you. It was an interesting experience. Hope to come back sometimes to your homestay. Thanks for your support and friendship!" .....Michele and Renata : Brazil ..... July 7 - 27, 2013 


"Thank you for taking care of me like your real daughter. The first day I arrived here, I was nervous about my host family but you are very nice people and made an incredible experience for me. If I had to come back to Boston I would choose your home again." ... Alba : Spain ... July 6 - 26, 2013 


"Dad & Mom, Thank you for being my family. I hope that you are always take care and enjoy life with good students. If I had a chance I would visit Boston again. I will miss you guys and I love you so much." .... Yujin : South Korea .... May 27 ~ June 4, 2013


"Thank you so much for everything!! You were taking care of me like real daughter. I'll never forget what happened in 9  months here." I love you!" .... Ryo : Japan .... September 23, 2012 ~ June 17, 2013 


"Hi Mom & Dad, I am really thankful for all you have done for me. I will miss this beautiful house and mom's delicious food. See you again soon!" ... Soon Ok Kim : South Korea ... May ~ June 15, 2013


"Dear Dad & Mom, Thank you so much for everything!!! I love this house and food. I will miss you!" ................................................Ching-Wei Huang (Nina) : Taiwan .... November 10, 2012 ~ January 5, 2013 

"Dad & Mom, Thank you so much for everything that you've done for me. I was very happy living here with you. I will remember forever!!"  .................. Pitchayada Saraphun : Thailand ....... August 25 ~ November 3, 2012


"A bunch of thanks for making me feel welcome, for your kindness, for all that you are and that you do, for the nice room and the excellent meals, for two great weeks and for your generousity. See you again in Switzerland!!!" ........ Judith Mark : Switzerland ........ September 15 ~29, 2012 


"My Dearest Mom & Dad, Oh... I will miss you!!! I really enjoyed staying in this heart-warming home. Mom& Dad's love made my Boston life happy. I really appreciate mom's delicious healthy awesome food! And I enjoyed talking about politics or other topics with dad. You gave me motivation to improve my English and make my dreams come true. I wanna live my life like mom & dad. Thank you so much, I love staying here. Thanks a lot!!" ....... Yuma Akasura : Japan ....... August 26 ~ September 23, 2012 


"Dear John & Nok, Thank you so much for welcoming me when I first arrived here. I really had a wonderful time. I was very lucky that your beautiful house is near the ocean, I felt at HOME!!! I wish you all the best, you deserve it!! And who knows, maybe you'll come once to Switzerland!! Take care!" ...... Margaux Nguyen : Switzerland .... July 14 ~ August 25, 2012 


 "Dear Mom & Dad, I'm so lucky and happy I could live here. This is my first time to America and you made a deep imprssion on me because the family is so warm and friendly. This was also my first brithday party in another country.  Although everyday I must go to school I really want to stay home to wait for mom's cooking. In addition, I like to listen to the stories dad talked after dinner. My day always said that I was on vacation not studying :) I said "YES" because this home is very close to the beach and the hill and very comfortable too. The most important thing is that everyday I had delicious meals, dessert, fruits and icecream, just like living in heaven ;). I will miss you, my roommates and everything." ..........Shu-Ching Lu (Jean) : Taiwan ...... June 30 ~ August 25, 2012


"Stayed here for 6 weeks, I wanted to say THANK YOU for 42 times (6x7). You gave me a save home and sweet family everyday. All of my classmates envy me because you both are so nice. I'm very glad to know you and stayed with you although only for a short time. I will be back when I am 21 .... Love you!!!! Cindy" ....... Fang-yi Liao : Taiwan ......July 7 ~ August 18, 2012


"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!! Your love and care made me warm. Remembering the first time we met, you both gave me a big hug which is very sweet!! I love Boston, Winthrop and your house. I love all the things in here. I love the food that mom cooked for me. I will miss you! If you have a chance to come to Taiwan, be sure to let me know and come by my house!!! ... Sherry" ........ Pei-Ying Llang : Taiwan ... July 7 ~ August 18, 2012 


"Dear Nok & John,  I've spent three amazing and unforgetable weeks here in Boston and Winthrop.  I had such a great time and I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. Since the first time we met at the airport where you picked me up I felt very welcomed and included in your lives. I loved the atmosphere in the house and also the fact that there are other girls staying at yours. I loved the food Nok cooked for dinner and in my opinion you are very lucky to have such a beautiful house in this great location. I loved to go for a walk in the evenings and have a view of Boston skyline by sunset."  .........................   Angela Zepf : Swtizerland .. June 23 ~ July 14, 2012


"Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget you (never ever :)). I don't have enough words to say how good you are, you made me feel as part of the family and you are my family too. I don't want to say good bye, I prefer "see you soon". I hope you keep sharing love with homestay students and I hope to see you soon in Brazil (world cup). XOXOXO." ......Marciha Bernardes : Brazil ......... June 9 ~30, 2012 


"Dad & Mom, Thank you for everything you gave to me. I found a lot of experience in Boston. I've learned a lot of things from you. Next time when I come to Boston I want to stay in your house again." .....Tan Michelle Wijaya : Indonesia .................. June 18 ~ 27, 2012 


"Dear Dad & Mom, Thank you so much for everything, thanks for your love, your care and anything else. I always love my dinner, seriously. Thank you for letting me call you mom & dad. I do really love you both. You'll always be my parents. I enjoyed my homestay in your home, I'm happy because I can meet another friends from other countries here, they are so good to me too. I love you all and I will never forget you." ....... Then Michelle Olvina : Indonesia ........ June 18 ~ 27 , 2012  


"Dear John & Nok, Thank you for caring for me as your own daughter, for my amazing birthday party and all other things you have done for me. I will never forget this trip. I hope we never lost contact and everything in your lives still be so beautiful because you deserve that. I will miss you very much. I hope that one day we can see each other again!!! .....Cristina Pelaez Angel : Colombia ........... January 2 ~ June 23, 2012


"Dear Mom & Dad, Thank you for caring for me for almost 1 year, because of you I could settle myself down to study. I really think homestay is my second family. I'm glad I was chosen to be a Stasio Homestay student. I have been thinking that I'm so safe like as I am in Korea. I will never forget you and also hope to meet you again."  ..... Yeojeong Jeong :South Korea ....................  July 30, 2011 ~ June 16, 2012


 "Dear John & Nok, Thank you for your warm welcome me to your home, I have never felt lonely here." ...... Kyungmin Kim : South Korea ..... March 24 ~ April 21, 2012

"Thank you very much for accepting me to your home. I felt like at home with all homestay sisters and you dad & mom. These are one of best momories in my life, I will not forget you!" ..... Kanae Nakabayashi : Japan .... March 14~24, 2012


"John & Nok.... I first felt very nervous coming to homestay becuase it was my first time but you made me feel calm because of your warm welcome. I'm very happy staying here, I love you John & Nok!" .......... Azusa Oyama : Japan .....March 12 ~24, 2012 


"Thank you very much!! I'm was very happy to be able to meet you!  I was staying at a dormitory for 5 months before I moved here. I compared both places and I can say that for the month I was here, It was the best for me!" ...... Natsumi Hasunuma : Japan .... February 11 ~ March 9, 2012

 "Dear John & Nok ... I can't believe it's really been 3 months since I came. It was sooooo quick!  I really love Boston, Winthrop and YOU!! I'll never forget everything you did for me!  From the beginning through the end, I really enjoyed spending time at home. My home sweet home in Boston is really comfortable and cozy. Thank you very much for having me as your family!" ..... Yuko Noro : Japan ........ November 13, 2011 ~ February 18, 2012
 "And I did it!!! .... My 4 weeks in USA, Boston, Stasio Homestay were awesome!!! More than I could ever imagine. I had a great time and I won't ever forget it. It was really nice to meet you guys. I learned a lot, I improved my English skills and I made friends. One day for sure I will be back. I wish all the best for you, John & Nok." ....... Mariana Leite : Brazil .............January 15 ~ February 11, 2012
 "Dear Mom & Dad... I hope you remember me, like I will remember you, FOREVER! My time here ended so fast but it was enough to start to love you and this family. It is amazing how you make us fee at home since the very first day! I will never forget when I arrived here and you received me with a warm hug, making me feel so much better.  You are so kind, sweet and awesome!! I loved everything in this homestay, the food, the house, the people, the family that I found. I'm feeling lucky to have this experience and to have met you! Thanks for making me your daughter! I will miss you!" .........Lais Bonato Oliveira : Brazil .... December 10, 2011 ~ January 14, 2012

"Dear John & Nok....Thanks for all, I loved staying here!!! I'll always remember you. These two weeks have gone so fast but I loved it!! You are great people, I hope to see you again!".........Gabriela Matos Silva : Brazil .... December 10, 2011 ~ December 24, 2012

  "Dear John & Nok, Thank you for everything! Boston is now a part of my life and so are you! I felt really good at home, it's been awesome!! Cooking with Nok, Meeting Gianna, Linda, getting to know all the other girls. This place and home are fantastic and I would love to come back and visit you while I'm studying in NY ... You both are great people, Hope to see you soon." .......... Carlota Ensenat : Spain ......... September ~ November 28, 2011 
 " Dear John & Nok, Thank you so much for everything. I enjoyed my time with you a lot. You were always funny and friendly. I loved our conversations at dinner. I'll miss your great stories and jokes. I learned so many things about the US and life in general from you. I had never expected to spend my 3 months with such a nice family. You always helped me and I felt so comfortable. Again- Thank you so much! I hope you'll come to Switzerland soon." .... Flurina Mark : Switzerland ....... June ~ September 2011 
  "Hi Mom & Dad, Thank you for everyting! It's a very short 4 weeks but it was really a good time for me. You are my real parents in Boston! I loved the dinners made by you! It was so nice here and you always cared and were so kind to me! I hope I can come back to Boston again, NO I will come back :) ! Thank you for everything!" ........ Aya Jurokawa : Japan ...... September, 2011 
  "Dear John & Nok, Thank you for your kindness, your hospitality, your generosity ... It's so rare to find nowadays. I appreciated each moment, all conversations and especially your philosophy of life. You're really positive people." ..... Sophie Fourneyron : France ....... August, 2011 
 "John & Nok, I will miss all the convesations about everything after dinner. I will remember forever your smile, your happiness, your kindness, your generosity and your care......I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Thanks to  YOU, my trip was perfect!" ...... Geraldine Bornet : France ......... August, 2011 
 "Dad & Mom, Since I came here on May 28th, I've had a great time. It was fun to meet many new people, see other cultures and study English and music. I am so lucky to spend time with such a wonderful family!!! ... Thank you for everything!" ......... Nao Yasujima : Japan ...... May 28 ~ July 23, 2011 
 "Mommy & Daddy, Thank you for caring of me, I could feel your love everytime whenever I felt depressed. You asked me my opinions first and thank you for good conversations. I learned many things about many subjects. Thank You!" ................. Jaewon Lee : Korea ...........January 29 ~ July 30, 2011 
 "Wow! It's unbelievable, 3 weeks gone. We had such a great time here in WInthrop .... It's like being in a true family, meeting all together for dinner and telling each other about our day, country and everything!  We didn't only improve our English, but we learned lots of things about the world and how to live better. THANK YOU!!!!" Sara Aflino & Ilaria Fillippi : Italy ....... July 2~23, 2011 
 "I LOVE YOUR HOME! It's like home sweet home for me. Thank you for your hospitality and your kindness :)" ........... Marquirette Dea Sampurno : Indonesia ........ June 20~28, 2011 
  "I love Boston, I really loved staying in John & Nok's house. I really want to come back. Thank you Mom & Dad for a very nice bedroom, delicious food, good movies and for everything else! I won't forget you."..............  Ancilla Ribka : Indonesia ......... June 20 ~ 28, 2011 

"Daddy~Mommy, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything and please don't forget me." .....Goeun Jang : Korea

April 11 - June 6,  2011 


 "Dear John & Nok, I would like to thank for all the love, care and hospitality in one month which went by so fast! You guys are wonderful people and I pray that God always bless this house and this family. Thanks again for everything!!!" ...... Carolina Oliveira: Brazil .....

May ~ June 2011 

 "John & Nok, Thank you for allowing me to be part of this family for 22 days. You are wonderful people that I'll never forget. You will be always in my prayers." ......... ........... Milene Camargo : Brazil ............. May ~ June 4, 2011 

 "Dear Daddy & Mommy, Thank you very much for everything! I think I grew up a little bit ... LOL.... Thanks for my 2 months stay, I won't forget this family." ..............  Ikumi Takahashi : Japan ..... March 18 ~ May 14, 2011


"Dear Dad & Mom, I thought I was really lucky to start my life in Boston with you. My English has improved a lot. My speaking skill was improved because I talked with Mommy everyday at walking time. I listened to a lot of stories from Daddy (helping me improve my listening skills). I had a really good time here, THANK YOU!!!!" ..............Nida Tanataweethum : Thailand ...................

April 19, 2010 ~ April 28, 2011 

  "Hi, I'm Joanne ......Wow,, too fast!!! I feel like I just arrived Boston yesterday but it's already past one year!!! John & Nok are like my real dad and mom. I appreciate all the thing you've done for me."...............Doohee Kim : South Korea .................. April 7, 2010 ~ April 14, 2011 
 "Dad - Mom, Thank you for everything, I enjoyed Boston very much. Everything was SOOOOO FUN and it was nice seeing you." ...............Yoko Ikenotani : Japan..........................February 13 ~ March 12, 2011 
 "Daddy & Mommy, Thank you for everything. I am really really a lucky girl because my family is great!!! I told my friends about that. Do you remember, before I couldn't talk anything but now I can talk more. I think my speaking was improved, Thank you very much Daddy & Mommy."  ...................Miyuki Karauchi: Japan ........... November 27, 2010 ~ February 11, 2011 
 "Daddy & Mommy, thank you so much!!!!!  I always think that my homestay family is the best in the world!! I'm very lucky because I met Daddy & Mommy and lived together. I am deeply greatful to you. I lived in Boston only 4 months but I will never forget my Boston life and Stasio Family!!! Mommy cooks very well and Daddy always smiles....... I'm pretty happy!!! I love Daddy & Mommy forever." ............. Yuri Ito : Japan ............ August 14 ~ December 7, 2010 
  "Dear John & Nok, Thank you for your hospitality, your wonderful food, your friendship, I have felt like my home. You are a special family, the things that you do are wonderful, never will forget my short time here. These have been my better English class than I have. If any of you or both want to be in my country please let me know." ........ Melida Rondon : Venezuela..........October 10 ~ October 23, 2010 
  "Mom & Dad, Thank you for letting me be part of your family. I loved to meet the family. I loved my homestay. Mom, your food is spectacular. Dad, I enjoyed a lot when you played guitar and you're very good at it. I loved the city, the house and all things, I hope to return here with my husband." ........ Karla Cristina Cancado : Brazil ......... August 28 ~ September 25, 2010 
  "Dear Daddy & Mommy, I can't believe that it's time for me to leave. I 've been here for 7 months. I will miss you guys for a long time. Please do not forget me!" ...... Hyun Ji Park : South Korea ...........January 16 ~ August 14, 2010 
 "Dear Dad & Mom, Thank you for everything.... You're the best!!!!" ........Daniela Bruetsch : Switzerland .......June 4 ~ July 3, 2010 
 "Thank you for being my host parents. I really enjoyed all time I stayed here. I love this family;Stasio!  I felt like in my home." .......Aryam Pereira : Venesuala ........ March 6 ~ April 3, 2010 
  "Dear Nok & John, I wanna tell you thank you for everything!!  It was a really lovely time.  It was terrific feeling myself a part of family!! I will never forget you." .......Julia Lakhazova : Rusia .........November 1, 2009 ~ March 26, 2010 
  "Dear John & Nok, Thank you for everything! I'm happy to meet you. This stay is my BIG TREASURE. I'll never forget you. Nok, you dish is always dilicious! John, we're connected with Rock'n Roll spirit." ........Umi Inoue: Japan ......February 7 ~ March 20, 2010 
  "Dearest Nok & John: Thank God who sent me in this wonderful house!  I had so many very very good souvenir with you.  You treated me like a part of your family not just a friend neither a student for homestay. I'm sad I have to leave. Don't forget to put Taiwan trip in your plan.  I'll miss you." .......I-wen Chen : Taiwan ..... September 28, 2009 ~ March 6, 2010 
  "John & Nok, thank you so much for everything. You mad me feel so comfortable here.  I was here for two weeks only but I enjoyed everything!!!!!  I hope to come back one day along with my husband." .........Raquel : Brazil ......January 3~16, 2010 
  "I've spent two wonderful weeks with a wonderful family so I had a wonderful time, I won't forget it all my life." .......Nanami Oiki : Japan ...... December 13 ~ 26, 2009  
  "Dear Mom & Dad, I've learned here in our sweet home many things.... I've received huge love which can't be spoken in words. I'll never forget my precious memory at home! Thanks a lot! I'll miss you both so much." ......Cindy Kim : South Korea ........August ~ November 15, 2009 
  "Thank you so much!! I really really really really really HAPPY :) . Because... I had great time with you, Mom & Dad. I'm crazy about Boston. So... I don't say good bye but "See you again", Let's keep in touch." ..... Yumi Saito : Japan ..... August 23 ~ September 20, 2009 
  " Thank you for everything!!!  I'm very happy to meet and live with you.  I enjoyed everything these four weeks!  Please keep in touch." ........ Yukari Nagai : Japan ........ August 8 ~ September 5, 2009 
 "Dad & Mom, Thank you very much for everything; birthday party, picnic, dinners, advice ...etc.  I hope we will meet again. If you go to Spain, I will be your tour guide."  Laia : Spain ........ August 1 ~ August 22, 2009 
  "Dear Dad & Mom..... To me, family is the most important thing in my life. I know that for you it is exactly the same and you have been showing it to me in each moment because I always feel like home here with you.  Thank you so much for your nice words and advice.  Everything with you has been nice!!!   I prefer to tell you SEE YOU SOON! because you are one of the reason I would like to come back!!!"  Eva : Spain ........ July 18 ~ August 15, 2009 
  "Stasio Family.....The Best Host Family....... Rule number 1: Don't be shy! This rule has helped me a  lot to practice my English; Thank you so much.  I hope I can come back next summer not for two weeks but for one month.  Dad, your sister, her best friend, her husband and your mother are such kind people, I love them.  I have learned a lot of things and got a lot of good advice from you... Thank you very much.....I will never forget you."  Sofia Lamnasra : Morocco .... July 25 ~ August 8, 2009 
 "John & Nok .... Thank you because this has been my best English-Sudying-Month ever!  I have felt part of your family. I will never never forget you and I hope you wont forget me....  Thank you for those amazing dinners, great food, great people, great conversation and great opportunity to practice my English." ......Sofia Alvarez DeToledo : Spain ...... July 5 ~ July 31, 2009 
 Dad & Mom,  Thank you for all you have done for me for four months!!  I think I'm the happiest student in Boston because of you." ........ Amica Koiwai : Japan ............ March 28 ~ July 25, 2009 

 " THANK YOU SO MUCH....... I am really glad to have spent this two months in the heart of this family.  You were so nice with me. Now I know that I have a second family in the United States!  Thank you so much!  My trip has really been great, thanks to you.  Because having a great family is very important.  I have been lucky to be in this family!!" 

Bettina Mankowski : France .........May 9 ~ July 3, 2009

 "Dear John&Nok..... Thank you for the days I stayed here.  It really has been my pleasure knowing Stasio Family and being a part of the family.  I do hope I have a chance to come back and stay here THIRD TIME in my life. Please come to Taiwan and stay in Wang's Family someday in the future. I will be there for you" ........ Zona Chun Wang Liang : Taiwan ...... September 2008 ~ May 30, 2009 
  "Although I only stayed one week, I can say that I've experienced something unique.  All the time we spent together I am sure that it couldn't have been better.  The dinners at home, the lunches at Chinese are now unforgettable memories.  Such a nice home where East meets West.  John & Nok, you really are the best!" ........... Wendy M. : Belgium ........ March 26 ~ April 3, 2009 
 "Dearest John & Nok....... Thank you for everything!!  I wa happy everyday and I enjoyed staying in Boston be cause you were very nice and kind to me.  I'll never forget the days we spent together.  I love you" ...... Aya Tsurui : Japan ...........January 31 ~ February 14, 2009  
  "Dear John & Nok ..... Thank you for everything!!  I was very very happy everyday!  You are so kind :-) , I can't forget it." ..... Erika Fujita : Japan ...... January 9 ~23, 2009 
  "Dear Mom & Dad .... I really appreciate all that you have done for me.  I really had an enjoyable stay. I returned to Japan with a lot of fond memories.  Thank yo so much for your kindness. I hope I can see you again some day."  ...... Kana Yoshida : Japan ...... December 22, 2008 ~ January 5, 2009 
 "Dear Mom & Daddy ..... I've already been this house for 16 weeks, time is gone very quickly.  When I first came here I was so nervous about everything. I could stay safely and comfortably in USA with your help and kindness. I appreciate your heart. Topsfield Fair, picnic in Salem, Thanksgiving party and Christmas party. I had many mementoes with you until now." ..... Sun Min Yun : Korea ......... September 13, 2008 ~ January 3, 2009 
 " Mom & Dad ..... I  have spent a great time with you and I've learned a lot from you both. Though Dad sometimes said "never say never" to me but I'll never never forget Mom & Dad, your greatness too. Thank you very much for everything. I love you. Best Regards."  ........ Jong Hee Hun : Korea ........ May 27 ~ December 28, 2008 
 "Dearest Mom & Dad ......I can't believe that it is time to go home. Time is so fast. I had a really great time in this house. Before I arrived here I was so nervous because it's my first time homestay ever in my life. I think I'm very lucky because my first homestay was awesome!!!! I still remember when I arrived here it was May 10th, 2008 11:00PM. You guys were waiting and hugged me.  I was so happy.  I can't forget that life with you guys. I can never thank you enough. I hope that I will be back again. I don't say good bye but SEE YOU AGAIN. Love and miss you so much." .....Kana Takahashi : Japan .....May 10 ~ December 6, 2008 
 "To Dad & Mom ..... When I came here, I was very afraid because I had never visited foreign country. But that fear wasn't necessary because Mom & Dad are always kind, comfort and take care of me. So, thank you so much. Really, I hope to come back here." ....... Min Jung : Korea ...... August ~ September 13, 2008 
 "Dear Dad & Mom.......Thank you very much for everything. It was really good to see you.

Dad, I was glad I could play music together with you. I enjoyed watching Red Sox's games on TV with you.

Mom, You're very kind. I was happy I could eat very very delicious dinners everyday. I'll never forget these days. I wish I can meet you again. Keep in touch with me, please. I appreciate all you did for me." ...... Mina Nakazato : Japan ..... August 2 ~30, 2008


 "Dear John & Nok

Thank you for everything." Yuko Okutomi : Japan .... August 9 ~ 16, 2008 

 "Dear Dad & Mom....

Thank you very much for everything! I was happy everyday and I enjoyed staying in Boston because you were so nice and kind. I'm really blessed!!  I hope I can come back again. LOVE U!" .....Yuko Fujii : Japan ...... March 2008 ~ August 3, 2008

 Dear Dad & Mom....

Thank you for your love. I'll never forget things that we did together. I'll miss everybody because WE ARE FAMILY. Let's keep in touch. I love you."  Shirley; Chorong Kong : Korea ...... March 2008 ~ July 31, 2008

  "Dear John & Nok..... Time flies...I can't believe that I'm going back home tomorrow. I've spent great time at this house.  I love to talk to my American family after dinner. I'll never forget the days I have spent here. I hope that someday I will come back to meet my American family.  Thank you for everything.  It was really great time. I hope you always live happily." ........Duri Jung : Korea ...... November 2007 ~ May 21 2008 
 "Dear John & Nok ... Thank you so much!!!!  I really appreciate your kindness what you've done for me.  Not only English, I learned a lot of things from you. Thank you so much for everything!" ....Tsubasa : Japan .... March 29 ~ April 27, 2008 

 "Dear John & Nok...


I'm very happy to live here with you.  When I visited this house for the first time, I was really nervous and tired because I had never stayed with American family before.  But John and Nok are very kind and funny, so I enjoyed in Boston for three weeks. 


Thank you for cooking many delicious dinners! 

Thank you for talking with me! 

Thank you for making me happy! 


Someday, I want to come back to Boston!!  If I come back here I will play violin." ........ Hitomi : Japan ..... March 9~29, 2008

 Time flashed by.....


I can't believe I've stayed in here for 3 weeks.  When I came in Boston, I was so nervous because I arrived at near midnight so I felt so lonely. But now I don't want to go back to Japan......


I want to stay here.  I'm always relieved to be with Mom&Dad.  And this house is the most safe place to me.  I also love my room.  I feel so comfortable and relax.  I really want to come back to this homestay because I want to see every season in Boston.  So next time, I wanna stay at least 3 months after my club finished. 


I love Mom's cook every dinner, muffins and ice cream. And Dad's cheesecake!! so delicious!  Thank you.  I'm really happy to be a part of Stasio Family.  Thank you for your kindness and help.  I'll miss you so much.  I'll miss Duri and my friends at ELC." ........ Keiko : Japan ....... February 2008

  "I would like to thank you for the warm hospitality you gave during my stay in your home.  I have no doubt that you have been helpful for me to understand American life.  I appreciate that you have given me beautiful memories in America" ...... Jongmi : Korea ....... August 2007 ~ February 2008 
 Dear John & Nok!


I've stayed here almost four months. You're very kind like my dad and mom.  Thank you for taking care of  me and for all suggestion you gave me.  Thank you very much for everything." ......Jenny : Taiwan ...... August 2007 ~ February 2008


 "How fast the time past!!  I really enjoyed my life in Boston.  And I had a lot of memories.  I'm so happy  to meet you.  Do you remember seeing me here for the first time?  I was very surprised, because I was given a wrong information about hostfamily by my agent.  But it was good for ME!!   I'll remember your kindness forever.  Your are my dad, mom, friend and advisor.  We talked about cooking, job, hobbies, and life.  I respect John & Nok.  And I love your cooking (mashed potato).  These happy days will stay in my memory as long as I live.  I want to come back someday....... See you again! ..... I wish you  health and happiness .. Thank you very much!!" ......... Miyuki : Japan ..... September ~ December 2007 
 "Dear John & Nok!  


Thank you very much for everything that you have made.  I've felt very comfortable in every moment. Thank you for your foods (they were dilicious) for helping me to look for a lugage, for our conversations and in summary FOR ALL! Remember in Spain you have one house! ....Aida: Spain ....... September ~ October 2007



 "John & Nok.....Thank you very much!!!


I am very happy to stay in your house!  I've stayed here only one week but I could have a lot of memories.  I really enjoyed talking with John & Nok. And I love your dinner!  John, I think your are a little bit similar to WALLY! ..... You are a very cheerful person.  Nok, Thank you for taking us to watch the full moon.  I like your creative sense.  I want to come back here someday.  Thank you very much!!" ......Miwa : Japan ....... September 2007


  "Dear John & Nok..... Thank you very much for everything!!  I'm very glad to see you :-)  I had a wonderful time in Boston.  Everyday I ate a delicious dinner.  I love meat loaf!!  After dinner we watched the Red Sox's games on TV and John told me all about Red Sox's players, so when I went to Fenway Park I could say YUUUUUUUK!!! and COMEON BIG PAPPY!! It was very exciting!!  I want to stay more.  Keep in touch with me, please. Thank you again ........ Moe : Japan ........ August ~ September 2007 

 "Thank you for this beautiful month with you. You are my Amarican Family! You make me feel like if I'm at home, and you know, for Italian people the family is very very important! (good dinner with good family) I really enjoyed everything about your family, especially the conversation during the dinner. Thank you! If you want to come to Italy, the door is always open for good people like you. I'll miss you!" ........Maura : Italy........ August ~ September 2007



"Dear John & Nok....the time just flew by!.....I would like to thank you very much for your kind hospitality.  I will remember my stay with you for a long time to come.  I have he fondest memories to Winthrop, Boston and New England...... Thanks again for everything, also that I could stay longer.  For the future I wish you health, happiness and continuing best for life." .... Patricia : Switzerland ........  September 2007

 " Thank you very much for everything. I am very glad that I could stay this home for a week.  At the beginning, I was really afraid to have a homestay family because I had a bad experience to stay in homestay.  This time it was defenitely wonderful home, I love it!  This week I was really comfortable and had an awesome time!!  I should have come more earlier and stay more days in this house.  I am really appreciate with you!!!" .......Reina : Japan ....... August 2007 
  " I must tell you that you gave me such a wonderful receiption that I want to return to the US to see if American people are all as friendly as you are.  I really couldn't have expected a more welcoming place to stay.  Even though I have just stayed here for only two weeks, I will keep an unforgetalbe memory of these days with both of you.    You are such a charming couple!  I really hope you will receive as much happiness as you deserve.  I will miss you!!!"   


 " If everybody knew about your Homestay, there wouldn't be guests anymore for hotels!!!"...... Marie : France...... August 2007

  " Thanks John and Nok .... I am very welcome in your house. I'm self-confident speaking English.  I've achieved what I was looking for."........ Sandra : Spain ..... August 2007 
 "I've stayed here for 4 months. It was good time. I was not interested in baseball before but John taught me everything about baseball rules and we watched the games together. Finally I enjoyed the games. I was not apt to gain weight but I put on 2-3 kgs. because of delicious foods and desserts, besides BIG PEICES were always mine....hahaha.... I will  never forget everything in this house. Thank you for taking care of me." ..... Stacy (Eunsun) : Korea ...... May ~ August 2007 
  "Thank you very much for everything.....Two months ago I could speak very little English but everyday John & Nok kindly helped guiding me. Thank you for trying to understand my English."...... Chie : Japan ....... June ~ August 2007 
 "I'm very lucky that I could live with you during this amazing month! I really enjoyed everything, specially foods and I loved the long conversations we had after dinner....I learnt a lot! .....If you come to Switzerland, my door is open!!!!".....Connie : Switzerland.... July ~ August 2007 
  "I never imagined that I could feel at home so far away from my hometown but I did from the first moment....I became a part of your family when I came home for dinner with you. It feels so good that people from and on another continent think similar to me.....Thank you for sharing memories and making new memories!  The memories we have together can never be taken away.....May God Bless you!" ....Christine : Germany..... July ~ August 2007 

"Thank you for everthing!! For letting me be a part of THE FAMILY, for all the good advice, for sharing this experience, for laughing at my bad jokes.  PS. You have a home in Spain." ........ Marina : Spain.... July 2007

 " When I came here, I could hardly speak English!  So at first, sometimes I was nervous and worried about many things. But every time you cheered me up, and you and all my sisters made me happy!!  I can say confidently I'M LUCKY!  I could come here, I could meet you and I could gain weight ;-)  When I was in Japan I couldn't imagine such a great homestay!!   THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I wanna say this word 100 times.  I love my American family." ..... Waka : Japan .... April ~ June 2007 
 "I have never had time for a homesick here...Thank you" ....Youjin : Korea....  February ~ June 2007   
 "Best Homestay ever"


" I want to tell you that you are very special to me and I think for many other people too. You both gave so much love, I thank you with my heart.  I enjoyed dinner time with you and extremely the talk after dinner! " ..... Sandy : Switzerland........... 2007


  "Dear John & Nok....


Time flies so fast.....Four weeks were too short..... This house is very comfortable to me so I could enjoy everything.  I'll never forget my sweet home, John, Nok and 3 friends.  I really really love you.  Thank you very much for everything!" ...... Ayako : Japan ........ February ~ March 2007

 " Dad, I like to listen to your life experience.  Every time, I listen to you attentively and I learn a lot from you.  I think it is more estential than school lessons.  Now I think more and become more mature.  Besides, you are always so kind to everybody.  Thank you for giving me such a good family." ...Erica(Hui-Chun) : Taiwan ..... August 2006 ~ April 2007 
  " Hi!  This is Sunny!!....Time is flying fast - Oh my.... almost 1 year.  When I first came here, it was June 17th, I could see a beautiful garden and a house at the corner.  I remember I was in school pickup service car, I thought if that house is my homestay? I like it so much.  Then the car stopped in front of that house....unbelievable.... I was very happy.  I had a lot of thinks here....parties, cheesecakes, mudpies, moved out and moved in, joining a beautiful wedding at Cape Cod and making new and friendly family.  Thank you, Thank you Thanks a lot!  You know? I love you so much." ....Sunny : Korea ...... June 2006 ~ February 2007 
  " Dad & Mom,  you are so kind and have warm mind and that I have chances to have an amazing holiday with you, I was so lucky!!  Someday, I will compose song that is about our memories....I will not forget Winthrop and my American family.  This town is another sweet hometown to me.  I will remember my family in Winthrop.  I really look forward to play the mushic with my DAD, John...again." .... Yoo-Sun : Korea ...... 2006 
 "Dear John & Nok, Although my trip to Boston was just for 10 days, you gave me the feeling of being part of your family.  I have never eaten such a good dinner in America and I felt always very comfortable and happy in your house.  Winthrop and everything is beautiful and the most I loved the thick carpet in my bedroom.  Whenever you will come to Germany, call me, I will show you the place I live in....... Jennifer : Germany ....... November 2006 

 "Dad & Mom..... Time is so fast, right?  I already live in here almost 9 months. During this time, my feeling is so happy, happy and happy.  I didn't need to worry about anything here including foods.  I also met a lot of people in here.  I liked to go somewhere with you.  I never forget our Red Sox games and I enjoyed parties with everybody. I've learned so many things from here. I'll remember everything." ........ Yea Jeong : Korea ....... February ~ October 2006

  " Thank you , Thank you, Thank you for everything!!!  Time is so-so-so fast.     I 'm really really happy to come your house and spent time with you.  Only 3 months but everyday I enjoyed and made myself at home.  It's like my real house." ......Kana : Japan.......... May ~ August 2006 
 "Dear John & Nok...... As every international student, before I came here I expected that I could live in a friendly and lovely homestay.  At the first time I met you, I knew that I would have a good time in the USA.  Every supper time was the most precious time that I always expected.  I could talk with you and eat delicious food.  Not only practicing English but also learning different cultures.  After supper, we watched baseball games together.  It's really fun.  Besides, there were a lot of parties that I never experienced before.  All of this family members are so nice.  I enjoyed talking with them.  Although I only stayed here about three months, I got a lot of beautiful memories.  I like Boston and this family. I will never forget everything in this house." ......Doris : Taiwan ......... March ~ June 2006 
  "Thank you for everything!!  I'm happy to stay with you and thanks for trying to understand my English.  I enjoyed talking with you.  I had a great time in Boston." .... Nana : Japan ....... March 2006